Cornucopia Network

Welcome to Cornucopia Network of New Jersey

Cornucopia Network of NJ, Inc. (CNNJ) is a non-profit, tax exempt (501c3) membership organization, founded in 1983, to encourage organic and local food raising and distribution.

CNNJ has been on the forefront of environmental issues that relate to healthy and safe food produced in live soil, pure water, and clean air. Over the years CNNJ has provided leadership, advocacy, monitoring, programming and technical assistance in areas of environmental distress.

What we do:

* We publish a quarterly newsletter

* We conduct Open Gardens and composting demonstrations

* We organize farmers' markets

* We testify at hearings and monitor commissions and legislation

* We exhibit at meetings and fairs

* We speak and present programs on our concerns

* We resource teachers and preachers

* We conduct educational programs

* We provide leadership and support to groups working in related fields

We aim to help people as individuals and in groups to understand more about what's happening today on gardens and farms; in food processors, research laboratories and super markets; at dinner tables, schools, waste sites, compost piles, open spaces and important meetings - AND THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


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